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Amazing Siding and Windows has a unique relationship with its vinyl siding manufacturer which is unlike any you will find among ordinary vinyl siding contractors.  Quite simply, we are the only vinyl siding contractor that is able to offer a manufacturer-backed warranty against improper installation.  This is in addition to the more common guarantees you will hear, which cover only materials that are properly installed.  In other words, such warranties may not be honored if the vinyl siding contractor you choose does not install the product according to the manufacturer's precise guidelines.

Obviously, vinyl siding manufacturers must protect themselves in this way.  They realize that many vinyl siding contractors can be sloppy, or downright careless in their installation projects.  Why should they pay for damages for which they are, themselves, not responsible?

Why, then, does our vinyl siding manufacturer back all installations performed by Amazing Siding & Windows?  The answer is clear: we are the most trusted vinyl siding contractor in the business!  Our manufacturer promises to pay for any damage or wear that results from our errors, because they know they will not have to! 

Our professional installers adhere to the strictest standards in the industry.  From the initial inspection, to the last nail, we perform each project with care, patience and expertise.  AmazingWall composite siding stands apart from other vinyl sidings in that it insulates, as well as protects your home.  In order to make the most of this special quality, we take particular care to first ensure that all of the walls, windows and doors are both solid and secure.  We replace all exposed damaged wood, and caulk and seal around openings wherever necessary.  It is only then that we begin to install the siding itself.  Unlike other vinyl siding contractors, which often rush their project by using nail guns, we hand nail the siding.  By taking such care, we make sure the siding is being applied evenly and seamlessly at every step of the way.

It is because our manufacturer has complete faith in the work of our professional installers, that they offer the most extensive guarantee in the industry.  The Wall-to-Wall No-Fault coverage protects you against every threat imaginable, including:

    * uniform weathering
    * high wind-load
    * salt spray
    * cracking, expansion, and contraction
    * termites

Vinyl Siding homeWith Amazing Siding & Windows as your vinyl siding contractor, you can rest assured that your siding will be properly installed and maintained over the years. Our vinyl siding manufacturer has been as loyal and faithful to us, as we have been to them. We believe that AmazingWall Siding is the best of its kind on the market today. Unlike many siding manufacturers, who use recycled or inferior vinyl, our manufacturer uses pure, virgin vinyl. With our professional installation, AmazingWall siding insulates your home for a guaranteed return in energy savings.  If you want high-quality vinyl installed on your home in the most professional manner possible, there really is no better choice than Amazing Siding & Windows.
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