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Unlike wood, our AmazingPlank insulated siding will not rot or flake.  Available in a wide array of colors, our AmazingPlank insulated siding resembles the natural look of wood – but without all the potential hazards of wood.  AmazingPlank insulated siding is not made of vinyl but instead of Acrylonitrile Styrenic Acrolate (ASA) which is more weatherable and more thermally stable than vinyl.  

There is no question about it.  Our AmazingPlank insulated siding is wider, longer, straighter & stronger than any siding that has ever been manufactured!  Numerous independent tests have confirmed the superior insulating, soundproofing, and protective qualities of our product verses the competition.  Our AmazingPlank insulated siding can straighten out even the most warped walls and give your home a beautiful, seamless look.  Simply put, our product is the best on the market today!  

No matter how impeccable the product, improper installation of any siding will eventually negate any benefits.  Those who have chosen inferior siding installation companies have found that the buckling, warping or widening of the seams that can occur as a result of improper nailing could result in a complete loss on your investment.  Amazing Siding & Windows is committed to excellence in each and every one of our siding installations.  Our many years of experience installing siding have earned us such a reputation, in fact, that our manufacturer warrants our installation, just as they do their own material!  This means that in the unlikely event that we install your siding improperly, the cost of repairs will be entirely covered—no questions asked!  This is an industry first!

But, who wants to do the same job twice? We want to get it right the first time - whenever we install siding on a home, therefore, we do so with the utmost care.  Before hammering a single nail, we carefully inspect all surfaces to be installed for dry rot or other forms of damage.  We will make repairs and replace any surface wood  as needed.  In order to ensure the insulating capacity of our siding, we apply caulk and seal where necessary around all windows and doors.  It is only then that we begin the actual installation of the siding.  We are one of the few companies that hammer each nail by hand. We consider this approach a great benefit to both our customers and ourselves.  Customers enjoy the satisfaction of knowing the job is being done with patience and care, just as we take pride in the fact that our workmanship is guaranteed by the manufacturer - an industry first.

As we install siding along the outside walls of your home, we take the extra step of applying our EasyPost insulation at all the corners.  EasyPost increases the strength and impact resistance of corner posts by over 300%.  In addition, this piece adds support properties to the other areas of the siding installation on your home, eliminating twisting, bowing and other distortions.  EasyPost effectively “caps” the corners of your home with insulating EPS foam, providing an energy envelope and reducing air infiltration.  Finally, as part of the protective aspect of siding installation, EasyPost corner pieces seal off the siding from vermin that might otherwise nest in the corner posts of your home.
Given a solid product, after all, there is no secret to installing siding in a manner that will ensure excellent insulation and protection for the long term.  All it takes is time, care and the experience to do the job right. 

Click here to view our informational video about Amazing Plank Siding.

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