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Good Insulation means savings on energy costs

Whether you have a new home or an old home, whether you live in the cold climates of Minnesota or the humid climates of Louisiana, it pays to have good home insulation.  Home insulation keeps your home cool in the summer and warm in the winter.  If you have the right home insulation, this means savings on energy costs.  In addition to saving you money, home insulation can also be a sound absorber.  This means that the right home insulation, when properly installed, can reduce sound transmission from both inside and outside the home.  Having the right home insulation will also increase the comfort of your home, increase its energy efficiency, as well as increase its resale value.

Insulation Sample LayersThe proper home insulation keeps your house warm in the winter and cool in the summer because it resists the flow of heat.  Heat always seeks a cooler area.  In the winter, the heat in your home seeks the cooler temperatures outside and in the summer, the heat outside seeks the cooler temperatures inside.  What keeps this from happening to a significant degree is the right home insulation.  The properly insulated home reduces this heat flow, thereby using less energy for heating in the winter or cooling in the summer.  This means more money in your pocket.

There are numerous options the homeowner has when choosing insulating material:

  • Fiberglass
  • Mineral Wool
  • Cellulose
  • Cotton
  • Foam

What matters most, however, is not the material that home insulation is made out of, but its R-Value.


Home insulation is identified and labeled by its R-Value.  This R-Value stands for its resistance to heat flow.  The general rule of thumb when it comes to R-Values is – the higher the R-Value, the greater the insulation’s effectiveness.  There are several factors that affect the R-Value of the insulation that your home needs.

How Important is Good Insulation?

Insulation installationFinding the source of where your structure is not efficient on energy use is the first step in cutting energy costs.

Were does the average breakdown of energy usage and 'energy waste' come from?

    * 26% Window Solar Gains
    * 7% Walls
    * 22% Attic & Duct Gains
    * 10% Infiltration
    * 35% Appliance Gains
    * Learn More about heat loss and climate control

As you can see a large amount goes through the roof. Adding foil insulation will cut down on that 22% Attic & Duct as well as the 7% walls and the 10% infiltration. The best insulation right now is High R insulation. It is a radiant barrier consisting of a layer of aluminum foil placed in an airspace (like the attic) to block radiant heat transfer. It works better than conventional insulation in blocking the hot roof (in summer) and outer cold (in winter).

With the cost of crude oil and electricity rising, it is an important factor in controlling your monthly expenses for your steel building. Also since steel buildings have few if not zero windows, your use of foil insulation will show even greater energy savings. Don't waste the time getting conventional insulation without first considering the benefits of High R insulation.

How to Determine Which Insulation to Get

Look for the R-value - The higher the R-value, the better the insulation. High R Double Sided Foil Insulation has a consistent 14.5 R value. Compare that to fiberglass blanket insulation with half the R-Value. It has been shown that Fiberglass blanket insulation can also lose more than half it's R value in humid areas.

Go to the Leading Source for Radiant Barrier Foil for Builders.

Your steel building by design is metal. Metal and heat go together. You need to control the heat and using radiant barrier insulation is the most effective way. Get your metal building High R insulation.

Where Do I Need to Install Insulation?

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